Free digital marketing resources for remodelers.

Whether you are a remodeler, interior designer, general contractor or home builder, chances are that navigating the complexities of digital marketing while also running a business in the physical world can seem overwhelming. 

However, there are a few simple steps you can take to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your online presence. Our free resources will help you understand how your top online competitors win the search ranking game and explore ways to boost your own digital marketing so you can attract more customers online.

Website Audit
Search engines work in mysterious ways, right? Wrong! Search engines look at the content, features and characteristics of your website to determine whether it is useful to the searcher.
Get a full analysis of all the factors that affect your website's visibility in search engines. Our website audit report will give you detailed insight into the technical and qualitative issues affecting your search engine ranking.
We will point out errors that affect your SEO and highlight ways to prioritize fixes.
Digital Competitor Analysis
Have you ever wondered how your online presence compares to that of your competitors? Or why some companies get more leads than you do? 
Our free competitor analysis can help you understand what keywords your peers are using to improve their search rankings and what types of content make their websites stand out from the crowd.
Fill out the form to receive your complimentary competitor analysis and take charge of your online presence.
The internet never stops evolving. The key to successful SEO for remodelers is to stay on top of search trends. After all, if we don't understand what users and homeowners are searching for online, how can we stay relevant?
In order to always provide the best answers to remodeling questions homeowners ask online, we have compiled a live dashboard of trending keywords.
Are there more keywords you'd like to research? Drop us a line and let's talk!


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