Digital Marketing Success Strategies for Local Businesses

If someone is looking for a local business or services company, there’s a good chance they’re going to start their search on the internet. Digital marketing will help ensure your company is the one they find.

Let’s look at why digital marketing services are so valuable.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

The internet has changed the way consumers research products and services they’re interested in. The days of flipping through the Yellow Pages or looking for ads in the local newspaper are behind us.

If you want to find new clients, you need to ensure that your website is one of the top results in Google and other search engines. If you’re not listed there, you might as well not exist as far as those potential customers are concerned.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the most valuable local marketing strategies. SEO is the process of optimizing your website to rank at or near the top of the Google results.

The goal is to rank near the top for keywords and phrases that your prospective clients are likely to search in Google. For example, if you’re located in Santa Barbara it would be valuable for your website to rank near the top for the search “Santa Barbara remodeling company.”

A recent study shows that over 28 percent of searchers click the first result in Google. If that’s your site, you’ll get a lot of potential customers visiting your page.

If your website is optimized for lead conversion, a lot of those people will give you their contact information. Once you have that, you can follow up with a more traditional sales process to convert them into paying clients.

Local SEO

Google’s search algorithm is smart enough to separate local searches from more general searches. Using the previous example, someone searching for “Santa Barbara remodeling company” is clearly looking for a company in a specific location. Someone searching for “how to choose a remodeling company” is looking for more general information.

The best marketing strategy for most companies service a specific area is to target those local SEO results. There’s little value in ranking for searches halfway across the country.

When Google identifies a search as local it shows different results. You’ve probably seen this in action yourself.

When someone performs a local search, the top results show local companies. The first three of those, known as the Local 3-Pack, include more details like a phone number, customer reviews, and hours of operation.

Those are the spot you should be targeting with your digital marketing.

Create an Online Portfolio

The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is as true as ever but in today’s digital world, it’s a lot easier to share those pictures.

An online portfolio of your past projects lets potential customers see the quality of your work for themselves. You can even create time-lapse videos that show the progress of jobs from start to finish.

This lets you wow prospects with your past work before investing any time in building a relationship.

Build Authority in Your Market

When a website ranks at or near the top of the results in Google, it helps build your authority in your market. A top ranking in Google doesn’t actually mean it’s a vote of confidence in your business but it appears that way to someone running a search.

When they land on your site, they’ll find helpful information about your local market, trends, and other things that help them make a better decision. That’s going to build your authority even further.

You can keep building that authority after they share their contact details by continuing to send them helpful information.

Don’t be afraid to “give away” your knowledge of your industry market or share what makes your business special. Customers will still pay you to do the work even if you tell them virtually everything there is to know about how to do it themselves.

Knowing how to do something and having the skill to implement it are worlds apart.

Level the Playing Field

There’s an old New Yorker cartoon from the early days of the internet that says, “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.”

In other words, nobody knows who you are online. It could be anyone on the other side of the keyboard.

The same applies to businesses listed at the top of Google. They could be one- or two-person operations that serve a small market or they could be national operations with locations across the country.

An effective digital marketing campaign lets you compete with larger competitors on a level playing field.

Cost-Effective Lead Generation

SEO isn’t the only option for reaching prospective clients online. You can also use paid advertising platforms like Google Ads.

While you’ll end up paying for each lead you generate this way, the cost per lead is much lower than with most traditional marketing methods. You can target very specific groups with online advertising which means you only pay to show it to the people who are most likely to be interested.

Compare that to traditional ads like newspapers or the Yellow Pages. You pay based on the total circulation but only a small percentage of those people are likely looking for your products or services locally at any given time.

Where to Turn for Help With Your Digital Marketing

Launching a digital marketing campaign isn’t that complicated but it takes some specialized knowledge to get it right. And like most things in the world of technology, digital marketing changes constantly. It can be a full-time job just keeping up with the latest trends and strategies.

Deep Drawer Digital Marketing has the expertise to create an effective digital marketing campaign for your business. Let us help you find new clients online so you can focus on what your business does best.

Get in touch with us today for a free competitive analysis to see what you can do to outrank your competition and bring in more new clients.

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