Case Study: RKM Interior Design

Rosi M. started her interior design practice, RKM Interior Design, in San Francisco over a decade ago. Her early projects involved mostly residential remodels, but as RKM's reputation grew and Rosi's talent became recognized, she expanded into designing ultra-cool new offices for tech companies and homes for their executives. However, the website for RKM Interior Design had been built around 2011 and updated irregularly. Even though growth came from referrals and the website was not intended to be a central part of her image or marketing strategy, it was obvious that Rosi's business had far outpaced its online presence.

Key Issue #1: Refreshing The Brand

RKM's original logo was designed in 2011 and was starting to feel a bit dated. We followed the owner's simple and fresh aesthetic to develop a minimalist logo over a textured white background using ceramic art from one of RKM's wall installations. The resulting branding conveys the simplicity and sophistication of Rosi's designs with a confident, contemporary feel.

Key Issue #2: Building a Brand-Worthy Website

Rosi's interior design firm was attracting a high-end clientele and it was becoming clear that the dated old website was failing to capture her talents and ability to execute major luxury remodeling projects. Prospective clients were also increasingly looking up "RKM Interior Design" in Google, but with inadequate SEO on the old site, they were often guided away to the competition. It was time to invest in a clean mobile-optimized website that captured Rosi's streamlined aesthetic and extensive project portfolio.

Old Website:

New Website:

Key Issue #3: Solid SEO On The Backend

Interior design is a very competitive field. Designers operate in a highly fragmented industry where many small local players are constantly vying for attention. Whether the client is a referral or not, all interior design research starts online and it was important to develop a solid SEO backend for RKM. Even with a strong pipeline of recommendations, Rosi was running the risk of accidentally sending business to her competitors because her website was not properly indexed by Google. That meant that it was difficult to find RKM's site even by people who typed in "RKM Interior Design" into Google instead of using a direct link. The SEO process involved not only accurately tagging images and text on the website, but also making sure RKM's directory listings and social media profiles were properly managed and connected. Today the entire first page of Google search results is pointing directly to Rosi's business.

Key Issue #4: Project Galleries

Over her years of work, Rosi had amassed hundreds or beautiful images from her projects...and most of them sat in cloud folders collecting virtual dust. The Deep Drawer team collected those images from RKM's photographer and organized them into easily navigable galleries on her website.

Key Issue #5: Ongoing Updates and SEO

Deep Drawer continues to work with RKM Interior Design on maintaining an up-to-date website and ensuring that Rosi's business is ranked and indexed by Google and other search engines and directories.

Maintaining a solid digital foothold is an ongoing process. The team at Deep Drawer works hard to implement the most effective digital marketing strategies for our clients and help owners position their businesses for long-term success.

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