Case Study: Kofler Design Build

Kofler Desigign Build (KDB) is a family-owned general contractor based Los Angeles, CA. When Deep Drawer first started working with the owner, Asaf Kofler, he had been in the industry for over 15 years and his business was thriving. KDB had developed a solid reputation as a general contractor with an extensive portfolio of high-end projects in LA and had even been featured in an episode HGTV's House Hunters.

Key Issue #1: Creating a Distinctive New Website

Asaf had been busy focusing on construction projects and the company's website had not been updated in a number of years. The website was failing to keep up with KDB's growth and capabilities - its pages had a flat appearance and there was duplicative content throughout. The overall look felt dated and the website did not reflect KDB's success in the field. Deep Drawer worked with Asaf to establish a brand-worthy design aesthetic, write original content for KDB's subpages and make it easy for prospective clients to discover the company's services and get in touch.

We also made sure that the new website was optimized for mobile users, reflecting both the general shift from a computer to the small screen and recognizing that many homeowners are conducting remodeling research in their spare time while on their phones.

Old website:

New Website:

Key Issue #2: Luck Is Not a Strategy

Although KDB's success was built on referrals, the owner felt that relying solely on recommendations meant leaving the future of his business to chance. KDB partnered with Deep Drawer to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and establish a solid online footprint through search engine optimization (SEO). This meant starting with a strong SEO foundation by not only optimizing text and images on the website itself, but also making sure that all online directory listings were accurate, up to date and pointing back to the website.

Key Issue #3: Reaching and Educating Homeowners

Home remodeling is an infrequent, high consideration activity and capturing the attention of homeowners at the right moment is crucial to winning new business. Today's homeowners begin their renovation journeys with in-depth online research. They spend lots of time with visual media on Instagram and Pinterest to envision and define their projects before zooming in on local contractors to proceed with execution. It was critical to design a website that enabled KDB to put their best foot forward by showcasing photos from past projects and providing helpful, actionable information. We focused on creating dedicated subpages for all of KDB's services and writing succinct, useful content for each page along with beautiful images from past projects.

Key Issue #4: Put Your Best Foot Forward

When homeowners choose a contractor, images from previous projects can sometimes be the deciding factor. Project pictures are crucial to any home remodeling business. Asaf and the KDB team had successfully completed numerous remodeling and new construction projects over the years, and with beautiful results. However, the company's old website had not kept up with their work and some of their best photos were not even on it. We worked with the owner to collect project photos and create an online gallery that clearly labeled and showcased their work.

Our team also followed up with past clients to collect testimonials to be posted on the KDB website.

Key Issue #5: The Call To Action (CTA)

Businesses invest in their online presence because they want customers to discover and reach them through the web. Yet, it is amazing how many websites overlook the importance of a simple and clear call to action. For KDB, we wanted to encourage homeowners to take action on by booking an initial consultation with Asaf and his team. We did this by adding highly visible "BOOK A CONSULTATION" and "GET STARTED" buttons in construction yellow in key areas of the page. We also added a calendar scheduling option and a chat window. As a result, potential clients are never more than one click away from connecting with KDB.

Key Issue #6: Directory Listings

When it comes to home improvement, many homeowners use directories to find local contractors. It was therefore crucial for Deep Drawer to make sure that Kofler Design Build was listed in as many directories as possible. We used advanced listing management tools to create a consistent profiles for KDB in 51 different online directories. This step is also key to SEO because search engines are always cross-referencing directory data with the business information on your website. Any inconsistencies or omissions can hurt your site's organic search rank.

Once all possible directory listings were updated and claimed, we ensured that they remain locked to prevent unwanted automatic changes performed by bots that can lead to errors and omissions. Asaf now also has the ability to receive alerts about new reviews and follow up as needed.

KDB is now listed in 51 online directories

Key Issue #7: Ongoing SEO

Just like growing and running a business, digital marketing is a dynamic process and the work is never done. After the KDB website was redesigned, it was time to focus on ongoing SEO. We began the process by connecting KDB's website to Google and other search engines so it can be indexed, or seen, by their search infrastructure. Once that was done, we made sure all headings and site descriptions were clean and accurately captured KDB's key value proposition.

We continue to work with Asaf and his team on ongoing SEO to ensure KDB's online presence never fails to keep up with the ever-changing nature of the internet. Our goal is to drive high-quality traffic to KDB's website, make sure the business is putting its best foot forward and help KDB quickly qualify and convert new leads into high-value clients.

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