5 Blog Post Ideas for General Contractors

Blogging doesn't come easily to everyone, and this can be especially true for people in professions that emphasize execution of complex real-world tasks, such as construction and home remodeling.

Whether you're at ease with writing or not, thoughtful content creation is one of the key pillars of any successful digital marketing strategy for general contractors looking to grow their remodeling business and generate more qualified leads. Helpful content on your website can do wonders for converting leads into customers for people who find you via Google search, or through your business listing on 3rd party sites like Yelp or Houzz. Blogging also creates content you can use for email marketing, your social media profiles, and can be compiled into an ebook down the road.

In the hopes of making life just a tiny bit easier for general contractors, we came up with these blog theme ideas anyone can use. If you've been following our own blog, you know that we take content very seriously and believe it's the best way to give your website purpose, showcase your expertise and, most importantly, build trust with your potential clients.

Remember that anytime you write, your content should be anchored on providing helpful information to people in your local area. Generic content can definitely get attention and traffic on the internet, but if your company is based in Vermont and someone reads your blog while planning a remodel in California, chances are you will not get their business.

So, remember to put your local hat on when you write for your blog or website. Without further ado, here are 5 blog ideas for general contractors. Remember to also check out our articles about ensuring your website is set up to perform in local SEO so you can help Google find you.

Idea #1. Top Renovation Projects In [Your Area] for [This Year]

This theme creates a great opportunity to talk about the latest trends in your market and the kinds of remodels homeowners desire the most. Perhaps you are in an area with an older housing stock, where young families are moving in and looking to create open floor plans... Other examples of localizing this content might involve describing the impact of zoning or height restriction changes, which could mean second story additions or the ability for homeowners to build guest houses on their properties in ways that were not possible before (yours truly lives in Los Angeles, where local codes are rapidly changing to allow for more lot coverage and square footage, and there is a guest house and room addition bonanza).

Idea #2. Remodeling Old Homes On a Budget In [Your Area]

A post about remodeling older properties will probably attract readers who appreciate both old charm and new design. This topic also gives general contractors an opportunity to talk about many different areas of a home, along with the steps required to remodel each of them. Many first-time homeowners don't have a clear understanding of what various home remodeling projects can cost, how long they might take, or even what their options are when it comes to layouts and finishes.

Take the time to share your knowledge and experiences in remodeling older homes and help guide their owners on this journey. Other topics to cover in a blog post about old homes could be energy efficiency, bringing a property up to code, or the best ways to bring vintage charm to life.

Idea #3. Top Remodeling Challenges In [Your Area] And How To Prepare For Them

Although this can seem like a fairly broad subject, any experienced general contractor knows that there are unique local challenges for every remodeling project. Is it a good idea to pour concrete in the middle of hurricane season in the South Eastern US? Probably not... What kind of plumbing issues can you expect to have if there is a sudden cold front and your construction site is not properly insulated? Lots, including cracked pipes, leaks and a slew of other consequences...

Surely most general contractors can think of a lengthy list of local construction and remodeling challenges. Write those down and help your readers prepare for their project and see you as an expert. This type of post can also help with better qualifying leads and set expectations with prospective clients before they call you.

Idea #4. Aging In Place Remodeling Best Practices In [Your Area]

Aging in place is a growing trend throughout the country. As more and more people choose to stay in their primary residences for the long term, their homes must evolve with their needs. Preparing for the eventualities of getting older is a major remodeling trigger for many homeowners around the country, but the details of a living in place project may vary from one locale to another.

Take the time to think of the best aging in place remodeling practices in your area and write a blog post about it. You may be surprised at how much there is to say on the subject and the level of interest this topic generates for you locally. A post like this can be leveraged across all your digital marketing efforts. In addition to enriching your website and social media, this post is an excellent email marketing topic that can be useful to both potential leads and former clients that may help you generate referrals.

Idea #5. Renovation Diaries From Your Projects

On-the-job diaries are a great way to demonstrate your expertise, your crew's skills and your ability to resolve remodeling challenges. The rise of renovation shows and entire TV networks dedicated to remodeling is proof that people love to see a home improvement project from start to finish with all its surprises, setbacks and personal drama.

General contractors know this from experience and could probably write a proverbial book about every job, It's a great opportunity to tell unique stories and show what it's like to be in the field. Stories can also inform your readers about the types of projects you specialize in, which greatly helps to qualify leads and eliminate unwanted calls from people who don't understand your services.

Share your experiences on your blog and give homeowners an opportunity to get to know and trust you. This can make a world of difference when they choose a contractor.

In Conclusion

In today's information-rich environment, useful and relevant content is just about the only thing that can set your business apart on the internet. Your digital marketing strategy and online content are key to winning over younger homeowners. Millennials form their opinions and make decisions largely online. We have covered more on that subject in our blog posts on marketing remodeling to millennials.

After you've covered the basics of getting found in online business directories, creating quality content is the most cost-effective way to start building trust. Helpful content is key to communicating your unique value proposition to your prospective remodeling clients and leads. For more remodeling content ideas, you can also visit the Sweeten Stories blog.

For more tips and advice on marketing remodeling and contracting businesses online, read our blog post on optimizing your website and online presence.

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