Free real-time resources for remodeling search keywords and trends.

In order to best understand the evolving needs of today's homeowners, we like to keep our ear to the ground and actively monitor what kinds of remodeling services consumers and homeowners are searching for on the web. We have compiled a well-researched list of home remodeling keywords. Following remodeling keyword search trends allows us to understand how homeowners look for remodeling information, what types of websites they find useful, and what seasonal and cyclical trends we could leverage in paid advertising campaigns for our clients.

Keywords that experience overall growth underscore the fact that the home remodeling research phase has moved almost entirely online. Homeowners remodeling journeys begin with online research. Even though referrals still play a strong role in discovering contractor services, homeowners are basing their final decisions on their own online research.

1. Keyword: "Renovation" 
2. Keyword: "Renovation Cost" 
3. Keyword: "Home Renovation Loan" 
4. Keyword: "Kitchen Remodeler" 
5. Keyword: "Bathroom Remodel" 
6. Keyword: "Remodeling Contractors" 
7. Keyword: "Renovation Ideas" 
8. Keyword: "General Contractors Near Me" 
9. Keyword: "Kitchen and Bath Showrooms" 
10. Keyword: "Kitchen Trends" 

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